make the shift

We're carving a different party scene out of the dark. One that was always there but never seen.

It's the afterhours, and we're pitching up a music meet. For those whom which the night means a little more than the day. For those who've had just enough, to want a little more.

What goes on is undictated, unplanned and left unsaid. A belonging, a code of conduct, a way of living that defies the rules of the opposite day.

Come see who else is up on the Midnight Shift. 



We choose a time when most parties wind down to begin. It's the second wave, the encore, the b-side. When the weaker leave for the true to carry on. For those who have just warmed up to get their fix in the deeper hours of the night, the twilight zone before daylight makes a break.


This is not music dictatorship. It is not about the global or local divide, not about music trends. It's about music that moves your soul, makes sense in your head and feels good for the body then, now and forever.


We look out for music with one quality: timelessness. Featuring both international and local music souls, playing sounds from as early as the 70s to the present with the right purpose and service to the transcendent.


We pick venues committed to quality sound, luring the right crowd in an environment that encourages peak performances, peak experiences.