Midnight Shift presents Basic Soul Unit



Elevator Shanghai

Following its Elevator launch with Xhin, Singapore/Berlin-based record label and party crew Midnight Shift presents Basic Soul Unit for another wild night exploring the outer-reaches of electronic music — from deep and dubby, broken techno to mechanical jack and soul all in one intoxicating soup of primordial sound.

Owner of label Lab.our with releases on Midnight Shift, Ostgut Ton, Dekmantel and Versatile, Basic Soul Unit has carved out a rock-solid place in the ever-shifting world of underground dance music. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, Li attributes his musical roots to the multicultural mix of his hometown of Toronto. Growing up in the 80’s with Chinese Jamaican relatives, there was always a mix of Soul, RnB, Reggae and Soca playing at family gatherings. While anchored in the soul and groove of the music he grew up with, Stuart’s curiosity led him to deeper and further-out sounds and corners of the scene. It is this mixture of influences which informs his versatile sound to this day. Nights and mornings spent in early 90’s darkened lofts and warehouses across his city made clear to Li the power and purpose of dance music - people from all different backgrounds and walks of life sweating in unison on the concrete or well worn wooden floors.

Basic Soul Unit's sound is a flowing journey of deep soulful and mechanically jacking tracks, with a good measure of classics thrown in. He has appeared in some of the most respected clubs and festivals in the world such as Fabric, Panorama Bar, Tresor, Rex Club, Mutek, Dekmantel, Sonar Hong Kong and many more. His Elevator debut with the VOID collective last year left the floor breathless - hear what choice cuts the selector slams through the MODE Audio sound system on this trip. Support from VOID's Nat Alexander and Co:Motion's Finascia.

Midnight Shift — a spirited entity grounded in sound, an electronic music events and label uprising. Since 2012, label artists include KiNK, Basic Soul Unit, Gene Hunt, John Heckle and Hodge and events thrown in Singapore, Seattle, Berlin and Shanghai.