Dream Machine 2.0 with John Heckle



brilliant corners London

Mon 2 October 2017
@brilliant corners
470 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AE, UK

It's back...! Take a psychedelic trip into your innerworld on a healing and rejuvenating Monday evening. Ambient music meets light meditation at brilliant corners.

Under flickering light pulsating at specially programmed frequencies, participants are bathed in a cocoon of light & sound imbued with the intention to heal and recharge. Through closed eyelids, you will experience a personal "visibleā€ frequency entrainment of rich colours and geometric patterns, providing a fully immersive experience for deep consciousness exploration.

An ambient set by prodigy John Heckle on brilliant corners' audiophile Klipsch soundsystem will guide us through the cosmic ethers and beyond!

Highly limited seating. Book early to avoid disappointment!


* Deep relaxation, release and meditation
* Reduce anxiety, stress
* Calm hyperactivity, increasing focus and concentration
* Balance the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental body
* Sleep improvement, aid for insomnia
* Creative visualisation
* Lucid dreaming

John Heckle:
John Heckle is a Dublin based DJ/Producer from Liverpool UK, and a purveyor of all things unordinary in electronic music. Having a wide knowledge and interest in music beyond just the conventional dancefloor, John has composed everything from synth heavy house music and lofi box jams to starry-eyed techno and melancholic ambience. Life on Titan, his debut album for Mathematics, picked up a Qwartz Electronic Music Award in Paris 2012. John also runs a monthly radio show on KMAH Radio Leeds (The Universal Frequency Show) in which he commonly reaches into a deeper and more unusual musical tapestry.


People who are not advised to attend this session:
* Are epileptic
* Are light sensitive
* Have history of epilepsy or seizures
* Have a history of severe anxiety or other psychosis

Hosted by: Midnight Shift