Midnight Shift Label Showcase feat. Eduardo De La Calle



SUPPORTED BY STEPHEN DAY, BRENDON P + SHIGEKI Friday 27th September 2013 For complimentary entry BEFORE 11.30pm: http://bit.ly/mnseduardodelacalle2013 Members, head to http://www.mnshift.com/events and head to upcoming events tab at the bottom “For me technology is not only music, it's discipline.” Soon, one of electronic music’s best-kept secrets, Eduardo de la Calle, comes by for his Singapore debut at the Midnight Shift Label Showcase. Known for playing the purest form of 4/4 music and with over 70 vinyl releases across a span of 16 years produced from a mountain studio he built next to an Ashram, he has been labelled the eccentric outsider of the electronic world, if only because he chose music as his discipline. Catch him as he steps out for a moment in time to spread the good word. Presenting before Eduardo will be no stranger to the scene – Stephen Day – a DJ who fills the hearts and minds of punters, geeks and part-time partygoers alike. He will be playing an uplifting, vocal house set honed through his passionate decades of living deep and soulful house, underground disco and eighties electro. The dynamic residents behind kyō’s Friday nights, Brendon P + Shigeki will represent once again for the showcase with their combined depth of knowledge and expertise in all the elements of house music. From deep tribal rhythms to disco and groovy tech, experience the glory of the genre under their deft hands. Preferring to be seen and not heard, VJ Burrows will be the man behind the visual controls for the night. Watch as he makes house music move for your eyes. http://www.mnshift.com/ http://www.eduardodelacalle.com/