Midnight Shift 6th Anniversary feat. Deetron // Adrian Wee and Norman C



Deetron Norman C Adrian Wee Kaye (LIVE) Visuals: Burrows RSVP for complimentary entry before 12.30am: https://rsvpd.co/list/1744705519092209 From the very first party at the now defunct Helipad, to numerous outings at Velvet Underground, Zouk and now mainstay kyō, Midnight Shift began with the aim of building on the local house and techno scene. For our 6th anniversary, we would like to celebrate this by taking it further back by presenting the ones who built the foundation before us: Adrian Wee aka weelikeme and Norman C with Deetron. The days of Liquid Room and Centro are now largely whispered about only among the circles who were once there and knew. The days of unadulterated, raw and human techno, smoking indoors and the unapologetically unfashioned. Where smiles spread easily across dancefloors along with beat-shuffling feet. At the centre of this were two figures of influence: Adrian Wee and Norman C. Beneath his latest indie Poptart disguise, Adrian Wee was once a techno head slamming out the Detroit mission statement at his Liquid Room residency to a roomful of fans. “Where are all his records?” You might ask. On 14 Nov, we may have the answer. Norman C is as real as they come, with a run of releases on labels such as Sino, Logos, Hypnotic, Funk Me, Plus and Maya since his production debut in 2006. His signature style and unmistakable groove direct from the origins of techno has survived the floors from Melbourne to Singapore, Jakarta and Seattle. Representing the night will be none other than Deetron, one of our firm favourites from past to present day, who has kept the light going from the days of ‘Miss Suave’ to ‘Starblazer’. Deetron will be back on our shores to the welcoming of die-hard fans won over by his energetic, genre-defying sets and 3-deck skillmanship that continues to hit on without abate. Our 6th anniversary goes out to you. Join the shift: www.mnshift.net