Eric Cloutier might be the most exciting DJ alive. He’s from Detroit; they love him in Japan: what more needs to be said? Whether he's tearing up the dance floor in a warehouse party in Sydney, or blowing away the seasoned punters locked in his groove at The Bunker in New York, he reads the crowd with more ease than an old man reading the paper. Who else would shut down the music to abject second’s silence mid-set on a Sunday afternoon at Berghain and come straight back in with "Cameras ready, prepare to flash"? That wasn't just bold - it was showing the crowd how good a set can be, a total change of direction that took off like a rocket. I have never felt quite the same energy in that place. It's one of the best things I've seen without getting wet, and I wasn’t even high.

Cloutier has recently stepped away from the mixer and into the studio, and happily what he has produced shows his deep knowledge of how to intelligently engage the dance-floor sybarite. 'Heuristic', his second EP, pumps along as one would expect from a DJ's DJ, with so much subtlety to hang other tracks on, but really it’s a record for dancers – and I suspect that when he is alone, Cloutier really knows how to move. This release only contains tracks with a deep, tasteful flow. It's impossible to keep still with his techno running through us like a life force. Listen to the title track, "Heuristic", with its bouncing hook: you'll never manage to resist Cloutier's hypnotic charm.

Seeing him create a sonic journey is pure bliss. His subtle productions will find the perfect home in his voluptuous sets. Catch him and let him feel his way inside you. You’ll come away changed.

By | Ivan Ligne-Noire
Tags | Techno , Reviews - Singles , Audio , Detroit