August Music Freebie Roundup


The spirits of music be good this past month, with a whooping batch of downloads available freely for the incessant digital music lover. Here, we gather 15 of the more outstanding giveaways. Sit back, make a cup of tea and click download.

Tonality - Various

A resurgence of Jay Tripwire's boutique label Tonality is celebrated with a free pack of 9 tracks, including Jay's own productions together with Christian Soule and Black Gadsby. Welcome back. Download here:

Space Dimension Controller - Electropod-250 Collision
The b-side of The Love Quadrant 'Electropod-250 Collision' is up for free download for it's 5th year anniversary as it is never getting repressed.

Syd Arthur - Hometown Blues (Psychemagik Remix)
Psychemagik does it again with Syd Arthur's 'Hometown Blues'. Click through the links for your download.

Legowelt - I Have a Soul and Baia De Guanabara

We don't know what's better. Legowelt's productions or his descriptions of them. Both go together like bread and butter: "Some creamy electro-techno with copious amounts of tape juice and a superthick 3 layer bassline like a luscious chocolate cake. What you hear Juno 106 Korg Mono/Poly TAL electro" plus "A slow drifting timid techno jam like this zeppellin Just jammed losely out of the sleeve" Download from his website here:

Avalon Emerson - Various

A neat package containing 13 tracks, Emerson's newly shared free collection covers bootleg edits of Actress, Dusty Springfield, and Blue Hawaii, alongside a handful of remixes, and a number of the budding producer's earlier tracks. Download here:

dj Khalab- EBOKA

#tribal #afrofuture #shamanism #beat
EBOKA is the name of a thousand-year old plant from central Africa, used in ancient times as hallucinogenic substance during initiation rituals, and nowadays as drug treatment. All the hashtags above plus a somewhat tripped out beat extravaganza coming out soon on Black Acre Records.

Gold Panda - Clarke's Dream
A jazzy snazzy jam from Gold Panda for the download. "MPC loops, jams and edits, Chelmsford 2014."

The 65D Mavericks - Beginnings End
ever vivid - Lost Love
Inceptive – Ebullition – 2001

A triple giveaway from Nick Dunton of The 65D Mavericks and his other moniker ever vivid on his label Surface Records. Get it before it's gone.

DJ Shadow - Ghost Town
DJ Shadow releases The Liquid Amber EP on his new same-named imprint. In his words: "Ghost Town" is an ambitious ride through many of the micro-genres within the Future Bass umbrella that have inspired me recently".

Myles Sergé - UNTLD #99

From the 'Reclusive Perfectionist' Myles Sergé, comes this free effective techno driver with an interesting pure sine tone throughout.

Ultrademon - Drive U Crazy (Machine Girl's [UN]d3∆D cPuNx MiX)

Following the release of his recent Voidic Charms LP, Ultrademon (pictured above) has enlisted NYC producer Machine Girl to remix album cut 'Drive U Crazy', which you can download off the XLR8R blog here:

Syndicate - The Beat Invitational EP
Tracks collected and curated by Singapore audio-visual collective Syndicate presented in The Beat Invitational EP, an intimate beats airing session where up-and-coming producers share their latest mixdowns.

Valerie June - Workin' Women Blues (Jozif ReRubb)
When the London producer moves in for a rerubb, the initial folky acoustic purrs of the original are switched out for some industrial analog bass and powerful chords, adding to the raw emotion of Valerie's voice.

Darker Than Wax - Free Download Series Singapore imprint Darker Than Wax does it again with their Free Download Series. Over 100 tracks to date representing quality and diversity across the globe, from beatmakers such as Trian Kayhatu, KA-YU, Obivon, Bilal and Dusty Feathers to but name a few.