Artist Interview: dyzfnktn


dyzfnktn aka Harv Chail, DJ, label owner of the steadily growing Phyla Digital and all-round scene stalwart has held his corner since taking to the decks in 2007-2009. Catch him represent the Singapura leftfield on 25 July before Puzzle and Objekt takeover.

Describe a day in the life of dyzfnktn.
I try to wake up at 8am for work, but spend at least half hour snoozing, before i realise I’m running late and then scramble to get ready and leave the house. The rest of the day would involve me alternating between my day job, discovering new music (producers sending us new tunes/soundcloud/spotify) and spending quality time with my loved ones.

How did you get started in the Singapore music scene?
Used to go for lots of band gigs/concerts throughout my school days, and then at some point i discovered electronic music. Chancing upon the Exitmusik and Frontal Labs forums definitely helped with the discovery of more dope music and nights. Going to Homeclub and Zouk a lot in the early days and mingling with people from different music scenes helped solidify my love for drum and bass and 4/4 music.

Favourite memory or rave moment in the scene?
DJ Marky lifting up the turntable, turning it upside down and then proceeding to show us his mad skills by scratching the record. I was lucky enough to witness that twice. Priceless.

Your key influences in life?
Music has got to be one of the biggest influences, growing up listening to my Dad’s and uncle’s records has definitely made an impact on my life. Aside from that, travelling and food.

What makes a good record for you?
Nice variations in the drums, lots of low end frequencies, good sampling and groove.

A record that represents you and why?
The Prodigy - The Fat of the Land. I walked into my neighbourhood record store, and saw this cassette tape and the cover really intrigued me. I went ahead to try it out and my mind was blown. each track on offer was identified by its own singular and distinguished sound. The mish mash of different styles and genres really stood out for me and it inspired me to always keep my ears open to leftfield sounds.

3 tracks on your playlist right now?

Peverelist & Hodge - What Your Heart Knows

Randomer - Stupid Things I Do (New School Mix)

JETS - U-N-I feat. Jamie Lidell

Tell us about Phyla Digital, where it came from and where is it going?

it came from the desire to change the state of play. To provide a platform for Singaporean producers who deserved to be heard beyond their bedrooms. Now a growing movement with plenty of producers hitting us up from all corners of the globe, we are aiming to be a point of reference and an idea that catches on with our nation and globally. With the intent of keeping our focus on local producers and doing more shows in Singapore and the region, Phyla Digital has slated more tunes to be released from the pool of local talents here, including debut releases by FZPZ, Anomy, MXND//KRFT and a few other fresh faces.

Share with us 3 tracks from the label.

Fauxe - Slow Driving

O$P$ - The Singularity is Near

Diphasic  - Soulness

What's the most challenging thing about owing a label?
I think the most challenging thing is agreeing on the direction with the people whose opinions you value (label mates/producers) and coming to compromise to make sure the output is of a desired quality.

Who are some up-and-coming producers or DJs we should be watching?
Anomy, FZPZ, MXND//KRFT, Night Dives, Attagirl, the producers from HYBRDTHRY and the Akhyla crew from KL.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years' time?
Hopefully having my own food business, and travelling the world to spread the Phyla sound.

What's a pet peeve you have?
People who make no effort to mask their BO (body odour)!

Favourite drink?
Whisky Dry (the Long Island Tea at kyo club is pretty decent too!).

Any surprises up your sleeve for the Objekt party on 25 July?
Get on the dance floor and you’ll find out. :)

Midnight Shift feat. Objekt // with Puzzle, dyzfnktn, Haan

Sat 25 July 2015

10pm onwards 


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