Artist Interview: Tzusing


Shanghai-based, Malaysian Chinese Tzusing makes his Singapore performance debut, having released tracks like “4 Floors of Whores” on fabled label L.I.E.S., we figured he would be good for a visit to the actual site. Catch his interview here before the action on 30 Jan 2016 at kyo.

How did you spend your new year’s?
Was up in the Mountain in Nantou county with some friends. Just chilled in a cabin type deal and played cards. We set off some fireworks and was very pleasant. Like old times.

Who are some of your musical influences? Where do you get your inspiration from?
JTC, Gesloten, White Car, Traxx,  Ancient Methods, Beau Wanzer. From images, movies and whatever my mind is obsessing over at the moment.

How would you describe your music to someone else?
Seemingly aggressive. 

A movie you'll recommend to a stranger.
Just re-watched Heat recently. I would highly recommend this.  

A track you'll play after a long period of silence.

Do you have a story from 4 Floors of Whores?
I don’t, lets make some.  

What's your resolution?
Get healthy!

Any new output or projects coming up in 2016?
Ya.  Ep for LIES and trying to finish a LP for LIES as well. Will also have a track on Track Vol2 on Citi. Will also be doing some collabo projects.

Vinyl or digital?

Three video links?

Mono Junk - With you

Maybe the best music video from last year. The song is perfect and the movie if you seen it before is about that longing. They also picked my fav scene from the movie as i’m really into scenes where people eat. 

James T.Cotton - The Drain
A track from my biggest influence in music. Highly underrated figure in Hiphop, Jungle, IDM, he also makes house, techno and industrial. 

Magenta Glen Fox

To me skateboarding is one of the most fun things to watch. Those that really hit that next level are ones that are able to really express themselves on this piece of wood with 4 wheels attached. That moment when you can really see an individual thru movement. To me it’s an art form similar to dance. It’s all aesthetics, it’s all about what looks good. I find the x-games and point scoring technical skateboarding to be really boring and taking away from skateboarding. They turn it into the same competitive jock bullshit that makes sports so boring to me. I can list too many good skate videos but recently i really dig this company Magenta and the videos they have been putting out. This guy has a really fresh manic style of skateboarding and power slides are the best! It’s messy and raw kinda like LIES records lol ;) 

What can we expect from you for the party on 30 Jan?
Think Steve Aoki minus the cake and minus the music and minus the hair and minus the moustache.

Midnight Shift feat. Xhin, Tzusing, FAL:X, Haan and Adam Froghyar

Sat 30 Jan 20156
10pm onwards 

Adam Froghyar

To RSVP for complimentary entry before 12.30am: