Artist Interview: Puzzle


Peter Puzzle is one of the members of the Leisure System label and collective based in Berlin with a resident night at Berghain. Alongside DJ N>E>D, Barker and Area Boy, read about Puzzle's inspirations and what's coming up for the boys next.

From throwing parties to DJing and owning a label, what would you say you are primarily first and foremost?
They all bleed into each other, of course getting that direct contact with an audience who's feeling what you're playing is almost unparalleled. But I take equal pride in when we've put together an amazing night or release some awesome music. It's all about giving out goodness.

How did the name Leisure System come about. After 7 years now, how’s things going?
The original founders Ned Beckett and Sam Barker came up with the name, think they wanted to indicate a bit of a different vibe from the other Berghain parties at the time. Inject a bit of fun into the seriousness. We're all very Leisurey by nature ;)

What’s the best thing about what you do… and what’s the worst?
Personally it's about meeting amazing people all over the world. Giving and sharing those special moments. The worst is probably catching early morning flights after partying all night, first world problems I know ;)

What’s up for Leisure System in the 2nd half of the year?
We got our massive 25th Berghain bash coming up mid July, just had our 2nd Glagow event and Dimensions stage coming up. Plus some very special releases that we'll lift the veil on soon.

What are some favourite moments for the parties?
There are a few line ups that when we look back, we're like "we really nailed that one" they serve as beacons for us to adhere to our high standards.

What are some of your favourite 5 records of the moment?
New Kuedo, Sharp Veins, Amnesia Scanner, Rob Clouth, Mind:Body:Fitness.

Favourite Leisure System release? Why?
Tough one, personally JETS i think cause it was this magic thing of having 2 close friends Jimmy Edgar, and MachineDrum trust us with something like that, plus the track were sick. Also JoeFarr just cause for about 6 months before it came out, every time I'd play those tunes people would ask what they were.

Have you heard anything about Singapore? What are you looking forward to?
I've been once before, my favourite thing apart from the general aesthetic of the city was the the most common first question was "what have you eaten so far?" and probably what I'm most looking forward to again. You guys have so much yumminess!

What is your DJing philosophy, if any?
Hmm I like to keep people a bit on their toes and play a lot of varied stuff.  

What can we expect from you for the show with Objekt?
I'm putting together a special set just for the night, so I'm hoping you'll enjoy it!

Midnight Shift feat. Objekt // with Puzzle, dyzfnktn, Haan

Sat 25 July 2015

10pm onwards 


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