Artist Interview: Marcus L


Co-owner of club Faust in Seoul, Marcus trips the dancefloor fantastic with his selections from A-Z, while releasing on labels such as Circle Music, HWML, Chaungo Records and his own Ameniia imprint. Don't miss the Asian invasion on Saturday at Kilo Lounge.

How did your DJing journey begin?

I was a band man (lead guitar/vocal) while I was in my 20s then it started as a hobby or interests of gears. It has been almost 9 years so far.

How do you handle starting the label / podcast and radio shows Ameniia and Kammer?

Yes I am aware, it seems too many to handle all that at once but somehow I have passion to contribute scene in Korea. From that it all started.

What in your opinion makes a good DJ?
Good djs are those who share good music after all.

Why did you move back to Seoul from Berlin?
I had pretty much opportunities when I was in Berlin maybe more opportunity than what I have expected. But I felt more importance in growing the Korea scene and as a producer, you can always be in contact as long as you have access to internet. Additionally,  I wanted to spend more time with my family, my parents and brother.

What were some of your favourite Berlin clubs and why?
Sisyphos as it had more space for dance then other venues. Of course it can also be packed but not when I was there.

Favourite place to eat in Berlin?
To be honest, Doner Kebab :p I have been to turkey and the Berlin Kebab was better than main land. Haha
Besides that, I enjoy cooking for myself.

Tell us more about the Seoul scene.
There are small crews that hold events in Seoul, I hope they constantly do that as I have seen many crews give up their project.

Favourite nights that have happened at Faust and why?
Well every night and DJ has its own character, but for me, I enjoy when DJs stay till the end and go for hot ramen and not straight back to the hotel.

Tell us more about Faust, the music policy, the people and its future?
We have a slogan or phrase that we use a lot in the begining: "I did Faust". This questions and gives curiosity to people who have not been to Faust yet. Under this, we try to give as much as experience which they cannot have in  Seoul.

Our music policy is simple, let people dance. We tried many (broad) genres in the begining and nowadays ppl tend to enjoy techno more. On the otherside, our resident DJs have different music spectrums. Kim Bo Yeon - minimal, Damie - acid, Suman - house, Comarobot - deep techno, Marcus - A to Z.

Future - we have a big picture in near future, and we can not discuss this yet, but please keep eyes open.

Some DJs and producers based in Seoul that you would recommend to us?
Our resident DJs ;)

This is your 3rd time in Singapore, tell us about your experiences here? 
I still remember the first time I played in HQ Council. I played 4hrs and didnt notice it passed that long. Crowds were as awesome so were the host & staffs. I like the Singapore city vibe, clean and historical. Didnt have much time to explore the last time, but Im looking forward to be a tourist this time.

What can we look forward to hearing from you at Midnight Shift on Saturday?
I'll be playing a few unreleased tracks from my friends and my label. It will be a such trip. Please do enjoy.

Best advice ever given to you?
Follow your heart.