Artist Interview: Marco Bernardi


All those monikers...multiple hats as producer, equipment shop owner, label owner etc…what is something people should also know about you?

That I am also son to an Italian cheese farmer with a speciality in blue and green cheese.

Between Glasgow and Bristol.. which would you say had more of an influence on you?

Definitely Glasgow, that's where I learned my sound and about my influencers. Bristol is great and definitely now a place I call home and the scene here is wicked, however Glasgow will always be my home and musical influence.

The Bristol scene has been popping of late… how do you feel about it?

Think its wicked, some great producers from this city, I am playing with one this week...(Hodge).

As a gearhead, what’s your favourite piece of gear…

...when you first started?

TR606 Octogen?

Access Virus

...this moment?

Bug Brand EQ

...that you cannot get enough of?


Wearing your hat as owner of Elevator Sound, what would you recommend as a starting kit for a producer?

A copy of Live, Expert Sleepers ES8, small eurorack case and some external modular effects.

What is your vision for Take the Elevator as a label? What do you look for before signing on a track

TBH that just happens when it happens, I don’t plan anything for the label I just do shit on there when I can find the time and the correct tracks to put on there.

Recent album or track on repeat for you?

Randomer's release on L.I.E.S.

Thoughts on your music career thus far?

It's been a journey , just look at the lines on my eyes they will tell you.

Tell us about the track ‘Diffused Partition’ made for the Andreas Gehm tribute?

This couldn’t have been more perfect timing as it was a track that we were both going to work on together, i started it ages ago and it sat there and we both spoke about swapping bits for it.. it never happened and i quickly bounced it down for the release.

What have you heard about Singapore and are looking forward to?

Looking forward to the Night Safari, looks amazing and of course wearing shorts.