Artist Interview: Iron Curtis


Fresh from his LP release as Achterbahn D’Amour (love rollercoaster) and a string of European gigs, Iron Curtis aka Johannes Paluka is back on our shores to reprise with another enchanting set. Read here for this exclusive interview ahead of his set on 19 July 2014 at kyo, Singapore.

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Go Germany! Are you a football fan?
I have to admit, i am. I really like to watch a good game (or listen to it on the radio). I love the drama and the tension. And the German team did pretty well, right? However, I dislike the overwhelming patriotism during the world cup and corrupt institutions like the FIFA.

How do you normally prepare yourself for a gig?
Packing my recordbag takes me forever: I'm just done with stuffing records into it when I MUST leave the house for the gig.  I'm always late and always think I'm not prepared well enough - even though I spent the whole day listening to and sorting tracks and records. In my early DJ-days, I had the idea of preparing for a gig as a zen-like ritual -  however, ever since i'm djing, this ritual always escalates way to quickly.

We heard you've moving house, how's the record shifting going?
It did go pretty well! Thanks to all my friends who hauled up my records to our new flat on the 4th floor. By the way: Shouts to Yanneck (Quarion) who introduced me to this fine technique of using paper bags instead of boxes to carry records. Tip! 

Between your gig in 2012 and now, what's changed musically?
Well, it's a constant change-not-change: I'm listening to all different kinds of genres and certain styles attract my attention sometimes more sometimes less. In 2012, I had a phase where I was digging techno quite alot. These days it's - once again - Belgium and Dutch electro tracks that get me going. My love for house music will never change though. I guess these changes are also related to the musical projects I'm involved: Working on our Achterbahn D'Amour album for Acid Test and playing more gigs with my mate Jool definitely led me to this darker and more abstract side of techno, while my solo work as Iron Curtis is definitely rooted in house music.

Back in Singapore! What's some things you are looking forward to?
I'm so looking forward to meeting my peeps from Midnight Shift and Cosa Nostra and to the extended chilli crab dinners we will have! 

A song or album, mix currently on repeat?
I'm really feeling the new Timber Timbre LP. Moreover I enjoyed Credit 00's splendid mix for Juno Plus....

Favourite way to start a morning?
With a tea and a cigarette.

FORWARD feat. Iron Curtis (GER)


Sat 19 July 2014

10pm onwards

Iron Curtis
Cosa Nostra
Norman C 

Visuals: Burrows

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