Artist Interview: Haan


Newest kyo club resident Haan to join the ranks and one of the masterminds behind the Tropiclab collective graces the decks this weekend (Sat 28 Mar) for the Midnight Shift 'X' Series Label Showcase alongside John Heckle, Tapirus and Lily's Rose. Read on to find out all about Haan from his Manchester beginnings to his secret diggins.

Tell us a bit about how you fell in love with music and picked up DJing.
It all started when I picked up my first vinyl in 2007; I was on a holiday and I decided to check out the local record store. Back then I was trying to mix records with my 1210s and a rusty Numark mixer in my bedroom (whilst also reading “The Art & Science of Playing Records” by Frank B). I was very much into the sounds of electronic and dance music duo X-Press 2. Music has always been my first love and this journey thus far feels like second nature to me.

How's the scene in Manchester?
In my honest opinion, that northern part of UK has more soul than anywhere else as evidenced from their memorable and inspirational pop-up parties, from The Warehouse Project to Zutekh. The scene in Manchester totally changed my perception towards music ever since.

How will you describe the Singapore scene to an outsider?
If you're an outsider reading this, there is no better time to experience Singapore's music scene than the present. We've come a long way, seen many clubs and people come and go, each not withstanding the test of time. It's definitely the survival of the fittest. There is also a lot more interest and emphasis on local talents and it's most heartwarming to see locals and expats coming together to support good talent. The crowd’s taste in music has evolved and gotten more refined; they know good music.

Tell us about Tropiclab.

Tropiclab is…a bunch of guys (Jamie React, Thomas Lubrano and myself) coming together for the love of good music. We're just regular people and to us it’s all about the friendship, music and connection that we share.

What in your opinion makes a good DJ?
A good DJ invests time in his craft, sourcing for tracks that he thinks works best for his sounds, and knows exactly where and when to whip it out, and of course, being hardworking never fails.

Favourite DJ and why?
Henrik Schwarz. He incorporated Jazz, House and Techno all together and his tracks are timeless. 

Favourite club in the world?
Not that I’ve been to many but Sankeys in Manchester gave me goosebumps every time, especially during their now defunct “Continue” night. It was a launchpad for some of the big names in the scene now.

What is your own approach towards warming up a dancefloor?
I will read the crowd and create the right mood in the room so as to keep them warm and toasty before the main act comes on. It's also crucial not to stray too far from the main DJ's sounds.

An overplayed track?
Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants 

An underplayed track?
Josh Wink – Talking To You

Top 5 secret weapons in your bag?
1. Alex Q – Collette (Xhin Remix)

2. Mando Soria – Anciano (Tanner Ross Remix)

3. Exercise One – 33 To Pay The Rent

4. Morphosis – Impulse

5. Architectural – Architectural 4.1    

A track you'll end a set with.
Mike Huckaby – Jazz Republic


Gramatik – Just Jammin 

Most memorable gig(s) played thus far?
Super0, it was my first time being invited to play at a festival that I could only dream of playing at previously! Playing in the rain with TropicLab with sparks jumping about the plug but everyone was soaked and loving the tunes so we didn’t stop.

What can we expect from you for the Midnight Shift showcase?
People already know what to expect for a Midnight Shift showcase so I’ll just get straight to the point; with a forward-thinking sound.

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Midnight Shift 'X' Series Label Showcase

Sat 28 Mar 2015

10pm onwards 

John Heckle
Lily's Rose

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