Artist Interview: FAL:X


FAL:X began throwing Lepalooza parties at the now defunct Home Club and his passion for techno grooves with dark textures and hypnotic rhythmic structures found its way to releases on Cobb Recordings and ItaloBusiness and a monthly podcast on Fnoob Techno Radio, while playing gigs in between Singapore and Spain. Check out his exclusive mix and interview for Midnight Shift ahead of the party at club kyō this 30 Jan 2016. RSVP details below.

What was your new year's resolution?
Trying to find a good balance between my social life, work and music. Thing is, I am working on a new EP this year so that means I will be spending more time in the studio. Let’s see what happens.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?
Richard Devine is one of them. I’ve always admired his work and his style of production that combines heavily-layered processed sounds with influences ranging from hip-hop to old and modern electronic music. His excellent knowledge in sound design using both digital and analogue modular synths and adding field recordings really inspires me. Really just goes to show that you can create music out of anything.

Vinyl or digital or both?
Both. Vinyls are great and I tend to get hardcopies of music from my favourite artists for collection purposes, their beautiful artwork and also to support the industry. I prefer using digital files for my gigs as they are more convenient.

How would you describe your music to your grandmother?
Mechanical noises, dark drones and a few synth/computer-generated sounds with a brooding bass line and repetitive drum kicks. Trust me, she will understand.

How did you first get started with electronic music?
I first started listening to electronic music back in 2000. Back then I listened to everything and gradually over the years, I found myself gravitating towards this particular type of sound that I am currently listening to and playing nowadays.

What's next for you?
I like to experiment in my home studio whenever I have the time, so naturally the next step for me is to create new music and finish up my EP that I had mentioned earlier.

Can you share with us 5 YouTube videos?

What is a common misconception about you?
I don’t know a lot of guys in the local scene to be honest and so I might come across as reserved and quiet but I am just shy, really.

Best album you heard in 2015?
There were so many good albums released last year but the one that stood out for me personally would have to be Berlin-based Ostgut Ton’s Zehn compilation album. Each artist has his own distinct sound coupled with the various moods which made this album an ace.

What can we expect from you for the party on 30 Jan?
I will be playing some of my unreleased and soon-to-be released tracks.

Any shout outs?
Thanks to everyone who had supported me from the start. There won’t be a party without you guys!

Midnight Shift feat. Xhin, Tzusing, FAL:X, Haan and Adam Froghyar

Sat 30 Jan 20156
10pm onwards 

Adam Froghyar

To RSVP for complimentary entry before 12.30am: