Artist Interview: Edycted


Tell us about yourself, why do you call yourself Edy Edycted?

I was born 1980 in Seremban City Rockers, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. I come from a village called Kampung Jiboi. Yes, I’m proud of it. People in my hometown called me Edy. It started when my family called me that name too. I cant remember why my family called me that name even though my full name doesn’t have any element of Edy. Yeah I like that name. 

In late 90’s, I moved out from the village and stayed in Kuala Lumpur. That’s where the journey of my life begins. I’m getting addictive...Addicted to music, addicted to fashion, addicted to Rock and Roll and addicted to the love of my life (now my wife). Yes, I’m still addicted to her. ☺

In 1999, I start listening to electronic music. I started listening to dance music, falling in sync with an era veering towards electroclash. I listened to post rock, new wave, punk, ska, indie dance. I found myself dancing to electronic music on Malaysia's rave scene dancefloors. I started getting more involved in the local music scene since then and started off spinning at private sessions.  Though I loved music, I never saw myself as a musician. So I also started to think about my DJ name. One of my friends, Jiman Casablancas is the one responsible for my ‘Edycted’s’ name. Maybe he has his opinion about the history of this name. Hahaha... and I love it! Thanks Jiman.

How did you begin Djing?

At that time electroclash invaded Kuala Lumpur. The Club Kids. Ethan Chu, one of my friends organised one party at Maison Club, Kuala Lumpur. He is the one who give me a chance to DJ in a club because he knows that I can spin. That’s my first gig in 2004. And I opened for the lead singer of one of Thailand’s band, FUTON. So that’s how my journey as a DJ began. I got a gig every week in the club. But I never had any residency.

Tell us about the time of ska and punk music for you?

I love the Clash.  I love Joy Division.  I love Cock Sparrer.  I love The Special. I love Madness. I love skanking. I love to dance. ☺

What do you love about techno music now?

Now in techno music, I can see a lot of colours inside it. I think everything is already there. For me my colour is deeper and darker but still with a sexiness. I’m not interested in trends. So choose your techno properly. ☺ 

What does techno mean to you?

Love, anger, pain and loss into techno.

Describe the KL scene. Has it changed? How?

Nothing change.. still alive and kicking! But people’s change. 

Tell us more about Love.Play?

Is a podcast channel handled by a friend of mine from Singapore Robo X. He is the founder of this label. Currently he is active with production. So he invites me to join his label as a DJ. We exchange gigs by using this label in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. We collaborated for the first time at Ying Yang Rooftop Bar, Singapore and Tetto Rooftop Bar, Kuala Lumpur. Now, we are busy with our lives. Now, he uses this label as a podcast channel. Tune in and subscribe to our podcast channel for a taste of things to come. 

Favourite DJ? Why?

Ben Klock. I don’t know. I like his sounds. 

Favourite dancefloor moment?

A moment when I can dance with my love.

Favourite club?


What keeps you going?

The music and the vibe.

What track will you play at sunrise? 

Regal – Whispers of Love

At sunset?

New Order – Bizzare Love Triangle

The track you will play at a wedding?

The Smiths - Please, please, please let me get what I want

What can we expect from you at Midnight Shift X Technologue?

I will be carrying Technologue’s name and bring it to Singapore. It’s a heavy task to me. But I would like thank the Technologue crew and Midnight Shift crew for this opportunity to me. The boss said “just bang it”. Definitely will bang it in Cato! See ya there!

Midnight Shift x Technologue
23 Sept 2016
10pm onwards 

Jamie React

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